Advancing the future of additive manufacturing.

At Beehive3D, Inc. we offer a broad range of vertically integrated advanced manufacturing technologies that insure the highest level of quality from powder to part. We work across a wide range of markets including aerospace, turbine technologies and components and accessories.

Our Capabilities

When you are looking for technical consulting support leading to a long-term production partner, the team at Beehive3D, Inc. operates at the highest level of innovation and focus to deliver transformative ideas, concepts and solutions for its customers.

Rising to the challenge of thermal management.

We identify and define how additive technology can give your business a competitive advantage through defined value propositions and case studies.

At Beehive3D, Inc. we take a holistic approach to thermal management, using state-of-the art technology to develop additively manufactured solutions for system and component optimization. With over 50 years of collective experience in thermal management, Beehive3D is uniquely qualified to build fully optimized systems that maximize heat rejection, reduce LRU count and weight, improve reliability and conform to the installation wherever possible.